20 Scott Swamp Road
Farmington, CT 06032

Welcome to Touchpoints at Farmington

On Thursday, August 31, 2023, Touchpoints at Farmington delivered notice to the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) of its intention to close the 105-bed skilled nursing facility on Scott Swamp Road in Farmington. The date of closure will be dependent on the pace of safe discharge of the current residents and approval by DSS.  

This difficult decision comes after many attempts to revitalize the center’s declining census, stabilize staffing post-COVID and control labor and other excessive costs. The nursing home was licensed for 120 beds at peak but has been operated at 105 beds for several years.

The decision was not made lightly or quickly but the nursing facility was not viable over the long term based on actual and projected operating losses and due to significant State Medicaid reimbursement shortfalls. 

The closure of a skilled nursing facility is especially difficult for the residents who call the facility home. Touchpoints at Farmington will ensure that all residents can be placed in suitable sites of care such as alternative nursing facilities or at home care services. We will continue to follow all state regulations and meet residents’ needs while this process moves forward. We are committed to providing assistance and transparent information throughout the closure process to assist residents and family members in making an informed decision about their future.

Touchpoints at Farmington will communicate the specific closure plans to residents and their families and work with relevant state agencies, including the DSS “Money Follows the Person” program and the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to ensure that residents’ rights are protected throughout this process.

We are acutely aware of how this news will impact our staff. We will endeavor to provide each member of Touchpoints at Farmington’s dedicated team another suitable position within iCare Health Network’s 11 other locations.

Touchpoints at Farmington was frequently rated as a Five Star nursing home by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as winning US News and World Report Best Nursing Home recognition several years in a row. The center is also a current member of several integrated hospital networks reflective of quality resident care.


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“I cant say enough good things about this place. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I'm going to miss everyone so much when I leave!”
~ Resident LF (June 2023)
“Everybody is so kind. The nurses are very responsive and nice.”
~ Resident CM (June 2023)
“I love my roommate and all my friends here. The staff are wonderful and kind.”
~ Resident RB (June 2023)
“(Five Star Google Review) – Touchpoints at Farmington cares about their residents. They are a quality care facility. The Staff is helpful, friendly and provides wonderful care. It is a difficult job caring for those who need extensive care and they do an exceptional job at it.”
~ Nancy Galligan via Google Reviews (June 2022)
“My stay and Rehab has been pleasant to say the least. I wish to thank the outpatient and PT staff…for their aid in my recovery. Also the fine staff that helped in my comfort and answering my questions. The kitchen made my dining experience enjoyable with highlights for eating. I also wish to thank Jessica the social worker for her help in navigating my further care and welfare. Thank you! Bless you all!”
~ Peter Wijas (March 2022)
“I really enjoy the staff and hanging out with my friends”
~ Resident AP (January 2022)
“I would like to say the staff is excellent and the PT is extremely excellent. My time there was lovely. I enjoyed everyone…If I'm ever ill again, I want to come back to Touchpoints because you guys are the best. Thank you and take care and God bless. Especially Anthony, a night nurse, all the nurses were wonderful, all the CNAs. There wasn't one person who wasn't wonderful there, especially in PT and OT. Thank you and God bless.”
~ Resident KR (September 2021)
“After my "surprise" surgery in March I needed rehabilitation. I chose to go to Touchpoints at Farmington and experienced a most satisfying and helpful 3 1/2 weeks! The facility itself is very clean and well-equipped, but above all the health professionals and staff were top-notch! I felt completely well cared for and educated as to how to deal upon returning home. The caring and patient manner of all I met was just what was needed! Thank you for your dedication and caring.”
~ Resident MH (May 2021)
“I was a patient at Touchpoints at Farmington for the past three months. I came for short term rehabilitation after a major heart surgery. I have went through a lot of ups and down and it was hard to be able to comprehend everything at once. When you leave the hospital you think you will go home but sometimes things get thrown your way that you can't control. I was very happy with the monitoring of the heart failure nurse, Anna and therapy department: Scott and Dave. I had a lot of positive experiences. The staff at the facility was working with me very closely. I know I could not have done it by myself. I am happy to finally be returning home after a long stay however I greatly appreciate all the help and support provided to me by the staff and management at the facility. I will miss seeing the staff at the facility. I would like to return and visit the staff in the future.”
~ Linda G via Yelp Reviews (October 2020)
“William Manzie our resident said he care here was outstanding, he said Carolyn (CNA) was his “superstar” and did a phenomenal job caring for him during his stay. William said he will, "absolutely return to Touchpoints at Farmington" if he needed continued care. “Everyone treated me great!””
~ William Manzie (February 2020)
“Annie said her visit at Touchpoints at Farmington was nothing short of amazing. “I never wanted to end up in a facility and I don’t want to go back but if I ever need to Touchpoints at Farmington would be my only choice.” Annie went on to say that she wants to praise the staff for the efforts and especially wants to thank Kaitlin (COTA), Cynthia (LPN) and her aids Christina and Carolyn for taking such good care of her.”
~ Annie Holmes (January 2020)
“Our resident Robert said that he enjoyed his visit here at Touchpoints at Farmington. His favorite part was the food. “If I could take Mike home with me to cook every day I would. The food is excellent!” Robert wanted to thank Monica (LPN) and Dan Torres (LPN) for all the care they showed to him while he was here.”
~ Robert Symecko (January 2020)
“Our resident Matt really enjoyed his time spend here at Touchpoints at Farmington. “I really enjoyed physical therapy and occupational therapy, the energy and vibe in the room was contagious." Matt wants to thank Scott (PT) Renee (PT), Carolyn (CNA), Geraldine (LPN), Dan (RN) and Steve (RN) for all their support and care while he was here!”
~ Matthew Ruffett (January 2020)
“I think that the main thing that I appreciated was their responsiveness. If I had a question or concern, they were on top of it right away. The nurse that she had was very good. We were completely satisfied with everything. We were very happy. The food was good. You did not have to cook it. They sent it to you. I did not find any fault with it. It was pretty clean. It is a big place with people in and out all of the time. Her room and bathroom were clean. I would be very likely to recommend them to someone. I would tell them to give it a try. The care was very good. The location is good. I have no complaints.”
~ Daughter of Patient DP (October 2019)
“The staff is great. The staff was marvelous. They were kind and considerate. They had all of the things to make it good. They were kind and welcoming to a person.”
~ Wife of Patient WD (October 2019)
“I'm really happy with my stay at Touchpoints. They met all my needs. All of the staff were very helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone. There is no other place I would rather go for recovery, and physical therapy was a big help. Thank you to all the staff here. The social worker also was a big help and answered all of my questions.”
~ Tony D'Angelo (August 2019)
“They had good, good therapy people. I like them all. I would recognize Scott. I would recognize Rene and Jessica.They were on the money all the time when you needed help.I would tell them that it was good. I told you I liked their physical therapy people. They were excellent. They were all good.”
~ Patient JG (July 2019)
“A lot of people were very helpful. They were fun to be around. They did their jobs. I got to know some of them there. I got comfortable. I would recognize Geraldine, Paulette, and Dan, Melissa was great. Rob the administrative nurse at night, the social worker, Bethany. They were on top of everything. They did what they were supposed … to do. My overall experience was really good. I did not have any problems.”
~ Resident MC (January 2019)
“At my age, 72, it is very painful to recover from a broken hip. As a retired Hartford firefighter of 37 years I have helped many people of all walks of life make it to the hospital. I never thought it would be me. As we speak I am in the best recovery, what I call, hospital facility. The team here at Touchpoints at Farmington are loving, caring, helpful and dedicate to helping everyone of us get better, not only physically but mentally too. Unfortunately we will all need some type of recovery…this is the place to be. I'm not sure I've ever read in my Hartford Courant op ed about this subject before. If you get injured, once again, Touchpoints is the place to be.”
~ Robert Damato (December 2018)
“I liked the personal care. They were all very friendly. I like the place very much. Caroline was wonderful. She was a nurse on C. My room was C4. The OT and PT was wonderful. Everyone was wonderful.They were very caring. It was a loving place. They were friendly and they had great care.”
~ Patient BR (July 2018)
“I had been there before. The pulmonary care was fantastic. I reached goals so that I could go home. I appreciated the care. I appreciated the attentiveness of the nursing and CNA staff. I appreciated their ability to work on my time schedule. They were willing to change their schedule so that it was a better time for me. I would recognize Norris and Geraldine. I would recognize all of the CNAs. There was Caroline, Gina, Unis, and Kelly. She is a sweetheart.I would tell them that if you have any concerns, you go there and they will be answered. You get the best care. It was not just me. I saw them with many patients.”
~ Patient ES (May 2018)
“I went there for the reputation and heard about them through word of mouth. The nursing staff was wonderful. There was Regina and two others. They were nurses. I would tell them that the care was very good. The nursing staff was kind and treated him with dignity.”
~ Patient AW (May 2018)
“My pulmonologist uses it. Maureen Orlando would come and visit. It had a personal touch as to who I was working with. They have very nice people. The food was good. It was a nice and comfortable place. The rooms were very clean and well kept. I found nothing wrong with the place at all. I would tell them that it is a good facility. It is clean and well-taken care of. If you can get your doctor there, even better. I value the cleanliness of the facility.”
~ Patient AP (May 2018)
“I really liked the people who took care of me and that is it. As long as they take good care of you, it makes it better. There are so many [I would like to recognize], the physical therapy, all of them and the girl who works with them. All of the nursing staff and all the aides, they were all very nice to me and helped me.I would tell them that they took good care of me and the physical therapy really helped me out because I couldn’t walk when I got the there and they helped me to walk. They were excellent. I can't say enough about the physical therapy staff, they were excellent.”
~ Patient KN (February 2018)
“The care that he was given was excellent. I appreciated the aides and the nurses. The exercises were all very good. He went in there pretty broken form the hospital. He was there for two weeks. He was run down when he got there. We were happy. He had [therapy aides and nurses] that were so good to him. Elizabeth was good to him, same with the therapy. The area was nice. Everyone that we dealt with was very good to him. I have already recommended Touchpoints at Farmington to others. I would give them positive feedback.”
~ Spouse of Patient SS (January 2018)
“That was my fourth trip. The care was excellent. The nurses and aides were perfect. Their therapy group was excellent. I loved the care. I needed therapy every day, and that group of therapists was great. Caroline has been there 30 years; she was super. Jessica, Robin, Olivia, and all of the therapists were super.”
~ Patient JD (December 2017)
“I like the facility. I requested that I go there again. I appreciated the fact that they kept it very nice. The people are very nice. They help when you ask for help. They have a great staff there for recreation. They have great physical and occupational therapy. I have already recommended it. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I think the social worker, Bethany, was terrific. I would also recognize Scott and Robin in the physical and occupational therapy area.”
~ Patient SF (July 2017)
“I enjoy my job. The staff works well together, and I like the family atmosphere here. I am so confident in the team, and in the nursing staff, that I recently admitted my aunt to Touchpoints at Farmington. I know that here she is getting the best care she could receive.”
~ Mike Zimbouski
“They are very nice. They have one of the best rehabs. They are just so nice. They do care. They called and asked me how she was doing. They are not like robots. They hire really good people.”
~ Daughter of Patient FM (February 2017)
“The therapists and everyone treated everyone well. They took good care of me, if I had questions or anything. I never had a problem. I would say anything but good about Touchpoints. I would like to recognize Kathy in Therapy. She was my main physical therapist. She got me walking. She is a tough cookie.”
~ Patient D.F. (Oct 2016)
“I have been a patient for about seven weeks and have come here after having a very good experience two years ago. My stay here this time has also been especially good. I must comment on the nice people who work here, who go out of their way to smile and show kindness, something that certainly helped in my recovery along the way.”
~ Alicia Bernhardt
“We would recommend them. I would tell them that it is a facility with a very caring staff. The physical therapy is very good and so is the occupational therapy. It is a place where you can expect your loved one to get good care of all types. They will make decent progress with their physical therapy and occupational needs.”
~ Family of Patient EK (June 2017)
“I appreciated the friendliness of the staff. They had a warm greeting in the evenings. The staff was accommodating on all levels. From the housekeeping, to the supervisor, to the nurse, they were right on board. They made me feel that she had been there for a long time. She is part of a family there. That is very reassuring. They went above and … beyond to accommodate any minor complaint.”
~ Family of Patient SS (June 2017)
~ Andi