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Accelerated Recovery: Prehab, Rehab and Post Surgical Care

Accelerated Recovery: Prehab Program at Touchpoints Rehab - “Beyond the Joint”

Pre-booking your post-surgery rehab will ensure you will receive the services of your choice. Planning your post surgery care ahead of time will reduce your stress and let you focus on recovery. You can Prebook for every level of care. Transition from hospital to post-acute inpatient rehabilitation; directly from hospital to home care; or directly to Outpatient Rehab.

We go “BEYOND THE JOINT” with our Touchpoints Prehabilitation; a unique and signature program. Our Prehab is designed for all Joint Replacement and Spinal Surgery patients. Our physical Therapist will look at your entire body and assess your individual needs so you will be in the best possible condition to receive your new joint or corrective surgery.

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Individuals entering rehab are always unique, but their primary objective is most often the same- a return to health, home and what’s most important in your life, as soon as possible.  Our innovative, personalized program is designed to accelerate the recovery process. 

Touchpoints approach to accelerated recovery is made possible by three steps:

  1. Pre- book:  For patients scheduled for surgery, we make the process smoother and less stressful by encouraging you to tour our facility, meet rehab staff and familiarize yourself with the process.
  2. Pre-hab:  We will attempt to talk directly to your surgeon prior to your procedure to ensure that we are aware of every detail about your condition.  We will also perform a physical assessment which will enable our therapists to identify how an individual uses his/hers muscles so that we may eliminate inefficient and ineffective movement patterns.
  3. Rehab:  Physical Therapists will address problems with skeletal, soft tissue, neurological, and medical disorders.  Occupational Therapists will promote independence by assisting patients achieve success with activities of daily living.  Speech Therapists will improve understanding and expression of speech and language and treat swallowing disorders.

The recovery therapy is personalized and able to treat and manage a wide range of services: 

Arthritis, Balance/Fall Prevention, Neurological diseases, Post Stroke Recovery, Swallowing/Speech disorders, Pain management, Joint replacements, Cardiac and Elective surgeries.  Touchpoints offers additional consultations by a Physiatrist (Rehab MD), Respiratory Therapist and a Neuro- Psychologist and APRN. 

  • Our therapists are available to accompany you on follow up appointments

  • Prehab program when you book your post-operative stay with us
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Complex medical care
  • Pain management
  • IV therapy
  • All Therapies available up to 7 days per week
  • Consulting Physiatrist on staff